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OnPar sponsor branded greens flags at Omanu Golf Club

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“OnPar has changed the sponsorship game! The signage and regular digital marketing they deliver gives us reach to 1000s of members and visitors each year. We are proud to partner with OnPar, the club and the game.”
Drew Whitten, Branch Manager, Rothbury Insurance Brokers

Our Story

Born from a love of the game.

We are passionate about the game! 

OnPar was created to aid the development of the 'Great Connector' sport of golf by providing a professional, profitable and sustainable sponsorship solution for regional golf clubs. 

“Finding sponsors was a big part of my job and took up a lot of time. Having that process managed by people more skilled in this area than me has given me time to focus on other areas of running the club.”
Phil Carew, Maraenui Golf Club, Napier
Golfers interacting with sponsor branded tee signs and branded golf carts at Omanu Golf Club

Do you want to connect your business to your local golfing community?

Sponsor branded golf cart, branded tee signs and branded flags at Ohope Beach Links Golf Club

Could your club be making more revenue from sponsorship?

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